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Micrologic Design Automation, Inc. develops semiconductor design software for electronic design automation, (EDA) intellectual property (IP) and design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions enabling integrated circuit corporations to meet or shorten time-to-market objectives, improve nanometer designs quality, reliability and performance and handling multimillion-gate designs. The company’s products enable semiconductor companies to increase productivity and achieve predictable success from systems to silicon. The corporate headquarters is in the Silicon Valley. We are in the process of establishing a world-wide network of sales & support personnel to deliver best EDA products and support.


Our Business

In a world increasingly dependent on high technology, Micrologic Inc. offers its customers a simple, yet powerful, value proposition: We help realize the design of electronic products, and get them to market faster with the right features, at the right price, with less risk. With electronics dominating every aspect of society offering untold opportunity for new product concepts developers of advanced products for a wide spectrum of applications turn to Micrologic as a trusted partner.

EDA Software Tools

The Company offers sophisticated software for electronic design combined with comprehensive, skilled methodology and design services expertise. Micrologic’s electronic design automation (EDA) software and services give customers a distinct competitive edge by improving time-to-market, quality, and productivity. Micrologic’s technology is sold and supported throughout the world.

  • Our mission
    "To develop and deliver state of the art EDA software products and solutions, focusing on nanometer arena issues, enabling our customers' reliable, high performance first-time-right success!"
  • Our Market
    Over the past few years there has been an increase in consumer demand for EDA solutions in order to shorten Time to Market factor and overcome process issues. To accommodate future emerging applications, the technologies of tomorrow need to enable a variety of highly reliable EDA solutions for the VLSI market. As fabrication technology moves to the nanometer range profound effects become critical in developing IC’s with hundreds of millions of transistors. IC’s design houses need to meet the challenges of the nanometer world such as performance closure, power, reliability, manufacturability, and cost. Today’s semiconductor world is looking to maintain productivity within these new constraints. The future of design technology is most uncertain especially in the physical implementation space, where many complexities must be managed without sacrificing system value or turnaround time.

    Recognizing these problems Micrologic Design Automation has introduced products and services directly aimed at simplifying chip’s design process.
  • Micrologic’s Products
    NanoToolBox by Micrologic, Inc. is new concept EDA tools suite to address Nanometer arena challenges. This tool suite creates new standards stepping towards 45nm, 32nm and below. With the microchip size and constant growth and process complexity increase, the industry must enhance the productivity and needs faster tools, better methodologies and well-trained human resource in order to achieve IC’s design schedules. Based on the state-of-the-art technology, NanoToolBox dramatically enhances nanometer design performance, reliability and silicon yield while significantly decreases the time to market factor. NanoToolBox suite addresses deep Nanometer issues, ensuring ‘First-Time-Right’ design! 
  • Exclusive Concepts, Tools and methodologies!
    Micrologic is the first EDA Corporation to provide nanometer Aware solutions! Using our patented concepts we are developing the next generation signal integrity Aware platforms. Furthermore, Micrologic is the first to offer Automatic Correction of nanometer signal integrity issues!



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